So you want to start your Freelancing career after reading the 5 WEBSITES TO START YOUR ONLINE JOBS IN THE PHILIPPINES. The problem is, you don’t know yet what kind of Online Job is right for you. Each and every online job is different. Some of it require more time and experience, some don’t.

On this article, I will share to you the top 5 online jobs in the Philippines for beginners so you can check if that is the one you are looking for.

This article is a short version of a video i posted on Youtube. So if you want to watch the full version, you can check it out here:

Top 5 Online Jobs in the Philippines

Data Entry

This is the process of putting or entering the data from the source to the database which is usually an excel file. Data includes names, contact numbers, email address, and other information. If you are someone who has great attention to detail, then this job is perfect for you. But if you hate repetitive clerical work, then you must avoid this.

The usual rate you can get as a beginner for this job is around Php 100-200 per hour. If you want to apply for this kind of job, you can check out Upwork,, or

Graphic Designer

Do you love logo designing, web designing, photo editing, and other designing job? If yes, then this job is perfect for you. This job is one of the most in-demand jobs for a lot of years already. You have to be knowledgeable about different designing software like Adobe Photoshop. Good news is, there are a lot of available Youtube videos on how to use Adobe Photoshop.

Graphic designing can really provide a good amount of income to you if you’re good at it. The usual rate for this job is around Php 250-750 per hour. And in some cases, it can even reach to Php 1,000 per hour. If you’re really interested to try this, I suggest you start with because their platform is great if you want to showcase your graphic designing skills.

Virtual Assistant

If you think you are good with multi-tasking then this job is perfect for you. As a Virtual Assistant, your job varies from answering emails, booking appointments, organizing calendars, and a lot more. You really need to be knowledgeable about a lot of software. The most used software for virtual assistants are google sheets, google drive, dropbox, and a lot more.

Most of us Filipinos are knowledgeable about different computer software. That is why virtual assistant jobs are very in demand in our country. The rate of a virtual assistant really depends on the tasks. But the usual rate you can get is between 350-1000php per hour more or less. If you are interested to be one, you can apply at different freelancing websites like UpWork,, FreeUp, and a lot more.

Freelance Writing

I’ve been a freelance writer since 2014. To date, I probably wrote more than 100 eBooks. I actually created a VIDEO in YouTube about freelance writing in You can check that out if you want to know the step by step process on how to start your career as a freelance writer.

As a freelance writer, you really don’t need to be a graduate of a specific course. But you must have some knowledge about the topic and the skills and interest to research. When it comes to research, you’re not required to go out and gather your research in a library. All you need to do is to browse the internet for the information that you need.

The rate of a freelance writer depends on the difficulty of the subject and the level of your expertise. But just to give you an idea, it ranges from 350-1250php per hour. And you can apply at Upwork,, FreeUp, and other freelancing websites.

Online Teaching

ESL or English as a Second Language is a very in-demand job in the Philippines right now. And we know that English is a universal language. Since most of us are skilled in writing and speaking in English, many countries are willing to pay for us to teach them. They are mostly Asian countries like China, Japan, and a lot more.

Most companies are not requiring any kind of teaching license for you to apply for them. Although most of them as well are requiring that you must have at least a bachelors degree. But of course you have to be fluent in speaking and writing in English if you really want to be an ESL teacher.

The usual rate of an ESL teacher is around 100-250php per hour. But the more experienced you are, the more opportunity, and more income you can get. If you want to apply as an online teacher, you can apply at Acadsoc, Rarejob, 51talk, Bizmates.

To know more about these 5 online jobs, you can check out the video I posted above.